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How to overcome from thin voice

How to overcome from thin voice  Yesterday, I got one notification from and seen that somebody has requested me to answer his question. I opened the and saw the follow question. 
Question: "How are Radio Jockeys trained to enhance their voice and pronunciation skills? I observed that people don't feel interested when I speak something no matter how important things I am saying I cannot hook them. I think it's because I have a thin voice(Male 24yr) and when I speak I don't say words clearly. It's effecting my life in every way because communication is the most important part of our life. Anyways instead of getting depressed I want to improve myself.

While searching on the internet I read Radio Jockeys are trained with the special voice practice to enhance their voice but they didn't mention how do they practice. So this was question from the random guy."

I felt really bad about this guy as soon as I read his question because somew…

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